Working Mentalist’s Underground Book Test by Jamie Preston & Paul Brignall

The Working Mentalist's Book Test | Jamie Preston and Paul Brignall |

Right out of the acts of two popular working performers – Jamie Preston from New Zealand and Paul Brignall from Scotland – comes a stunning book test designed for optimum ease of performance and audience impact It’s the same presentation Jamie Preston has used in his professional shows and. corporate work, as well as on TV. What’s different about The Working Mentalist’s Underground Book Test is that it is structured the way you would do a book test if you really had psychic abilities. You hand out three different paperbacks to three different spectators. One spectator names a page number – any number – and another spectator turns to that page Immediately, you are able to reveal the word or phrase he is looking at You set that spectator’s book

aside and then repeat the effect using the other two spectators and.! their books. If you’ve been looking for a direct, professional caliber book test, look no further. This book test easily surpasses most commercial book tests on the market and it can be easily prepared using books you can pick up at your local book store (none are supplied) along with a few household supplies – just follow our step-by-step, photo-illustrated instructions No forcing No elimination of books No suspect, specially-printed books Do not miss this one …. 7! pages.

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