VITTORIA by Joseph B

A fairer effect than this cannot be imagined!
Completely Impromptu!

If you are looking for an effect with a borrowed deck, completely impromptu and that will blow spectators away, this is for you! Just a borrowed deck and the spectator thought card is located by the magician under completely impossible conditions!

VITTORIA will fool even the top card magicians for sure, and it will leave your spectator totally speechless. They will think they have witnessed a real mind reading!
This is what happen:
The magician always looks away from start to finish! The spectator shuffles the deck and freely divides it into ten packets. He freely chooses a packet,
then he shuffles it and thinks of a card.
No forcing! The spectator puts his packet on top of another one freely chosen.
No key cards as everything is completely shuffled. Not only that: he reassembles the deck of cards as he wants, putting the packets one on top of the other. And finally …. HE SHUFFLE!

JUST A BORROWED DECK, nothing else!

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