Ultimate Oil and Water Collection by Nguyen Quang Teo

Ultimate Oil and Water Collection by Nguyen Quang Teo - Video - DOWNLOAD : zauberbox.at

An essential download for any ‘Oil & Water’ fans, featuring six visual oil and water routines plus one bonus colour change from the creative mind of Nguyen Quang Teo.

The ‘Oil & Water’ plot is always popular with magicians and lay audiences, and we’re sure you’re going to enjoy adding these highly visual routines to your repertoire. Each routine is unique and there are plenty of ‘double take’ moments, including a face up, visual version to whet your appetite!

Effects taught in this video download include:

Mini Oil & Water
Four aces are shown and another card is selected and lost in the deck. The magician starts to perform an oil and water trick with those four aces, and finally turns them into one single card – the selected card.

Oil & Water C
Eight cards are shown, four red and four black. After being separated, they’re instantly mixed up among themselves. The magician then takes four of them, two red and two black. After a snap, all of them become red. With a second snap, they’re all black. Then the magician puts four of the black cards back in the eight card stack, and they return to their mixed up position.

Oil & Water D
A multiple effect routine: ‘4v4 Oil & Water’, ‘3v3 Oil & Water’ and a kicker ending with the change of the last four cards.

Oil & Water H
An oil and water routine in which four red and black cards are mixed up and self separate twice, then in the end all of them are turned into the same colour.

Oil & Water T
An oil and water routine in which three red and three black cards are mixed and self-separate multiple times.

Oil & Water V
A visual version of the oil and water routine with three black cards and three red cards. This is a unique routine in which three of the mixed cards are all changed into one colour multiple times. Then finally when they’re back on top, all the cards become mixed again. This routine is totally impromptu, no extra cards, can be set up for perfect changes, and finally it’s clean.

Color Change!
A card pops out in the middle of the deck, and directly changes into another card without covering.


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