Total Separation by Michael Boden

Total Separation by Michael Boden - $1.50 :

A new card concept that may change the way you perform Oil & Water /Out of This World / Triumph and more.
Total Separation is now ready for sharing with the magic community?? as Michael Boden’s way of giving back to the art and to the influential couple that first shared their magic with him on the Magic Land Of Alakazam?? Mark and Nani Wilson.
Total Separation is a card concept that is easy to perform and only takes 5 minutes to make up?? with your own brand of playing cards.

A new card concept?? that will touch upon several of the Classics Of Magic doesn’t come along very often and seldom are they as easy to perform as this one.



  1. This is a FREE TRICK on the Hocus Pocus dot com web site. It’s been free for a long, long time! Why are you charging for it now?

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