The Trojan Deck by Joshua Jay

Trojan Deck by Joshua Jay

“The Trojan Deck” is simultaneously simple in premise and almost limitless in possibilities. At its core, it is the holy grail of card tricks: they shuffle a blue deck and you shuffle a red deck. Both decks match exactly.

There is no deck switch, the effect has no sleight-of-hand whatsoever, it is 100% foolproof, and the gimmick can be used in all sorts of ways to allow you perform stacked deck effects with a shuffled deck. But that isn’t even the best part.

The best part is the presentational possibility. “The Trojan Deck” is Joshua Jay’s closer, and he accompanies the trick with the (true) story of how his parents met. But you can also do this trick to music. Once each deck is thoroughly shuffled, you deal through the cards with the spectator, and the cards match. You can tell an interesting story about coincidence. Or you can talk about the mathematical impossibility of this classic feat. Or you don’t have to say anything at all.

Most two-deck matching tricks suffer from a couple of weaknesses: they either rely on very particular steps or mathematical principles that are easy to screw up, or require you to interact with spectators in a very, very careful way. In “The Trojan Deck” the spectator can shuffle their cards any way they like. There is nothing that can go wrong.

The other weakness in many versions is that the decks must somehow “touch” for a moment. There is often a moment when cards are transferred from one deck to another, requiring the performer to bring the packs together and do a sneaky move. In “The Trojan Deck” the cards are kept entirely isolated the whole time.

“The Trojan Deck” is more than a trick; it’s a devious gimmick that allows you to perform all sorts of parlor and close-up miracles, and all of these are explained in detail by Joshua Jay. In the package you receive the special box, and three decks of cards that will allow you to perform “The Trojan Deck” within minutes, or to customize it for many other possibilities.

We’re biased, of course, as Joshua Jay is our cofounder, but we’re in awe of the careful attention to detail that is on display in every one of his effects. He’s the guy who created “Inferno,” the best-selling and highest-voted “Trick of the Year” when it was released. He’s the creator of “Balance,” our best-selling trick of all time. He puts years into the development of every original piece. “I think this is my best effect,” he says of “The Trojan Deck.” “I didn’t intend for it to be this way, but I can’t follow this trick with anything else, because whatever it is seems anti-climactic by comparison. It’s the best thing I’ve ever created.”

Due to complicated nature of manufacturing this effect, we have a very small supply of “The Trojan Deck” in stock. Each one is built to last countless performances. Invest in yours today to avoid disappointment later.

Please note: In the trailer, Josh explains that “every card matches.” This is referring to the effect and not the method. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.

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