The Seeker 3 by Yuki Iwane

The SEEKER 3 - YouTube

This is the third lecture DVD of Yuki Iwane. In this DVD, he will explain how to manipulate tools such as cards, balls, wands and thimbles.

In The SEEKER3, 18 professional sequences and 21 basic techniques are explained in detail. And the guest artist is Hiroki Kusunose, who student of Yuki Iwane.

The sequence created from his high creativity and technical ability will make your magic stronger.

In addition, as bonus content, bubble sequence of Yuki Iwane and ring sequence of Hiroki Kusunose are included.






・ball rolling・ball vanish・ball vanish2・one shell・two shells・three shells
・wire ball・back palm・back palm2・back palm3・back palm4・card vanish
・card vanish2・thimble vanish・thimble vanish2・wand flourish
・wand flourish2・wand vanish・wand vanish2・folding the silk・false knot


・one card sequence・classic card sequence・ball color change sequence・ball color change sequence2・8balls climax・8balls climax2・thimbles & silk sequence・wand, thimble & silk sequence・wand & silk sequence・wand, ball & silk routine


-Hiroki Kusunose-

・4balls sequence ・4thimbles sequence ・4balls sequence2・classic ball sequence ・eternal sequence ・multiply color change ・multiply color change2・thimble color change sequence


・bubble sequence・bubble sequence2・ring sequence


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