The Magic Way by Juan Tamariz

“Juan Tamariz will fool you. And that’s because he knows how you think. He knows the questions you ask yourself about the magic you just saw. And one by one he answers those questions in a way that leaves you baffled long after the performance is over.” –David Britland

“Of the handful of magic’s most important theoretical works, none is any more important than THIS. It’s a roadmap to how to create REAL MAGIC.” –Jamy Ian Swiss

“This book is an experiential map of the audience’s mind. It will take your performance to the next level.” –Michael Weber

“One of the honors I’ve had in my life is to have known Jay Marshall, who absolutely loved magic books. Over the decades I knew Jay, he very rarely recommended any magic book to me. Except for one time. He came back from FISM, he walked in the door of Magic Incorporated, opened up his suitcase took out 2 books, set them on the counter in front of me. Didn’t say anything else other than READ THESE, then he walked out. I picked up the books. One of them was the Five Points in Magic, one of them was The Magic Way. Magic Way indeed. It has led me to be a better magician. It has improved the way I construct my magic. My oil and water Neomix would not EXIST if I had not read the magic way. If you embrace what Juan teaches, if you live what you learn, it will make you a better magician. Your audiences will no have any concept of how your magic is done. And for that, your audiences will be perpetually grateful to you, and we should be perpetually grateful for Juan for the theories he has taught us. Get the magic way, and embrace it. You WILL become a better magician for reading it. And if you think I don’t embrace it myself, I even went to the effort of making a wristband that says ‘la via magica’ which is ‘the magic way’. And I wear it every day. That’s how meaningful the magic way is to me. Get the book, and you will see how meaningful it will be to you, and to your audiences.” –Jim Krenz

“Juan Tamariz is not only like a brother for me since so many years, but a real mentor at the same time. This book is a wonderful travel thru magic, and whatever is your level, from beginner to advanced magician, your magic will be much better at the end of the journey.” –Gaetan Bloom

“If you want your magic to be stronger, more impossible, more real, The Magic Way is your way.” –Miguel Angel Gia

“One of the most powerful books put out on magic and mentalism. It’s the way we think about magic.” –Paul Draper

“The Magic Way is Juan Tamariz’s most insightful look into the effect, and into what makes magic effective and deceptive. He clearly explains how you can prove all possible solutions wrong in the minds of the spectators, trapping them in a bubble with no exit, producing the sensation of true magic.”Rafael Benatar

“Juan Tamariz is the Leonardo Da Vinci of our time.” –Christian Engblom

“Tamariz’s theory eliminates all possible solutions, leading the audience across the rainbow into WONDERLAND.” –Roberto Giobbi

In The Magic Way, Juan Tamariz teaches you not just great tricks, but a way to make every trick you do better and more magical.

From the moment it appeared in 1987, The Magic Way was recognized as one of the world’s great books on magic. It has been long out of print and highly sought after. This new edition of The Magic Way brings to magicians everywhere the magic and remarkable thinking of one of our greatest living magicians. Over a period of five years, Juan Tamariz has corrected, revised and updated his classic text. This newly translated edition of that revised work might have been called The Magic Way Repaved.

The Magic Way is an in-depth study of how any magic effect may be improved until its method becomes so impervious to discovery that audiences simply relax happily into the experience of the impossible. Tamariz’s “Theory of False Solutions and The Magic Way” is explained more clearly and fully than ever before, with detailed examples. These examples are not just exercises constructed to illustrate a point. Tricks and full routines taken from Juan Tamariz’s working repertoire are explained in depth, and then meticulously analyzed to show how his theory is applied. You will gain new performance pieces, polished by a master, and something even better: a new tool that will allow you to make every trick you do more amazing. That is why The Magic Way has earned its reputation as a book no serious magical performer should be without.

In The Magic Way, Juan Tamariz teaches in full some of his most prized tricks and routines. Among them are…

  • The Tamariz Ambitious Card routine
  • His Magazine Test with Spirit Slates
  • His remarkable Oil and Water routine
  • Nineteen additional and original Oil and Water sequences
  • And Juan’s version of Al Koran’s “Miracle Divination”, in which, under the fairest-seeming conditions, someone freely thinks of a card in the deck and, without touching the cards, the performer swiftly and unerringly names the one thought of.

All these effects pull audible gasps from the public and magicians, and they have been perfected through hundreds, if not thousands of performances. And while teaching them, Tamariz carefully shows how his “Theory of False Solutions” works. It is really much more than a theory. It is a well-considered plan for making any magic effect more baffling, and its secret more impossible to discover. For those who desire to get maximum entertainment and astonishment from their magic, studying The Magic Way may be the most valuable resource you will ever find. It is also a highly remarkable exploration of how one of the world’s unquestioned masters of magic thinks and approaches every trick he does. The title really reflects the contents perfectly. This book is…


Pages: 296 – 7.5″ x 10″ – Hardcover – photo-illustrated

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