The Hole by Peter Eggink

“A fantastic piece of visual magic, I never leave home without my 007 secret weapon”
– Mark Southworth

“The most visual and organic moving hole effect I’ve seen to date. The gimmick is so clever, even James Bond would be jealous!”
– Titanas

“Hands down, the best animating hole I’ve seen”
– Darryl Vanamburg

“Hole is so visual, I love that it starts clean and ends clean. AMAZING!!!!”
– Dan Hauss

At any time with your normal deck (or business cards) you punch a hole right through the signed
selection so the spectator can keep their “lucky card” on their key ring…but the hole was punched on
the “wrong” end of the card…slowly and visually the hole animates all by itself across the card until
it arrives on its final destination: the other end of the signed card! Right after the hole has arrived the
card can be handed out for them to keep as a unique souvenir and everything may be examined.

    • EASY To Do


    • Super PRACTICAL


    • NO Gaffed Cards


    • NO force


    • INSTANT Reset


    • 100% EXAMINABLE




    • Spectator can HOLD the card DURING the animation

The Hole comes complete with a full training DVD, the 007 secret weapon: an ingenious custom
made gimmick and everything else you’ll need to perform this stunning effect. Use your own deck of

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