The Hindu Steal Shuffle by MJ

Andrew Wimhurst: “MJ’s work on the Hindu Shuffle is excellent. This is a very deceptive stock control that is a legit table move straight out of the Middle East and Asia. Recommended”

Houston Curtis: “MJ is without a doubt today’s authority at controlling cards using a Hindu shuffle! Get this tutorial if you want to learn from a true master of the craft who uses these methods under fire in real card games! A must have!”

Luca J Bellomo: “MJ has created a solid illusive false shuffle through a purist approach to the Hindu shuffle handling”

Imagine using a false shuffle that looks just like a true shuffle! The most deceptive Hindu False Shuffle ever devised with a deck of cards. A perfect false shuffle for the

Learn it from the person who has used it under fire many times to get ‘desired results’

This pdf booklet will open new doors of card shuffling for you. Some new ideas to work with the hindu shuffle.

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