The Greater Video Library Vol 28 – Don Alan

MMS Greater Magic Video Library Volume 28 Don Alan DVD - Buy MMS Greater Magic Video Library Volume 28 Don Alan DVD Online at Low Price - Snapdeal

“Through the past 40 years, I’ve tried to hone my close-up act to meet one ultimate goal…entertainment.” – Don Alan

Long after the party or trade show, people still remember the magic of Don Alan. Perhaps that’s why almost anyone who performs close-up magic does something of his. It’s proven audience-tested material guaranteed to get you another booking.

Here are the inside tips on booking and performing trade-show magic, plus a classic example of adapting material for trade-show use. Don Also gives his thoughts on making a living with magic, magicians who “borrow” material, and

handling unruly spectators.

90 minutes of magic – featuring more effects than any previous DVD

  • Chop Cup*
  • Rising Cards
  • Nickel on Forehead
  • Cigarette thru Quarter*
  • Don Alan’s Invisible Deck*
  • Little to Big Cards
  • Big Deal*
  • 3 1/2 of Clubs*
  • Card Stab*
  • Ranch Bird
  • Scotch and Soda*
  • Don Alan’s Bowl*
  • Don Alan’s Big Nut Production
  • Coat Hanger from Purse Production*
  • Ring Flight*
  • Fez Load Techniques

*also includes explanation!



  1. Can you reupload these files:
    “Foundations 3 by Jason England
    Lit (2018) by Dan White and Dan Hauss.mp4
    Colin McLeod – Alias Wallet.rmvb
    Kidding Around by Chris Capehart (2 DVD)
    Franco Pascali – DMB Spread Control 2.0.mp4
    Eoin O’Hare – Sleeper presented by Blake Vogt.rmvb
    Eoin O´Hare – Decoy
    Yigal Mesika – Animation
    You CAAN Do It By Josh Janousky
    Election by Chris Kenner
    The Hole Thing by Chris Mayhew
    Balean Twist by Bizau Cristian
    Aberdeen Thread by James Dickson
    VIP PASS by Jota
    Akkelian Envelopes by Spidey
    ZODIAC Book Test Prediction
    Reflex by Patrick Kun
    HighRise by Rick Lax
    Dice Switching by Jason England
    Perfect Cents by Cosmo Solano
    SLIPSHOT by Chris Kenner
    Out of my Mind by Spidey
    Death to the Double Undercut by Joel Paschall
    Decoy by Eoin O’Hare”

  2. Please upload Danny Orleans & Mike O’Donnell – Interactive Pro

  3. Hi dude ! Thanks for your upload !
    Could you up Lennart Green with Erik Tait – Arrangements? It will be very nice !
    Thanks to you

  4. Can you upload “cartomagia de bolsillo” by Julio Ribera?

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