The Golden Shells by Bob Kohler

Magic Center Harri Online - Golden Shells by Bob Kohler - DVD  (Nussschalenspiel, Nußschalenspiel)

Bob Kohler’s routine for the Shell Game has become legendary. Why, because Bob’s routine is used by more professional magicians than any other routine of it’s kind. Bob’s routine has been honed through thousands of live performances for paying audiences.

What makes it so great? The psychology is built in. Bob’s choreography and patter are designed so that the performer knows which shell the spectator will choose each and every time! This lets you concentrate on the performance so you get the standing ovation you deserve.


  • Easy To Do
  • Hilarious Patter
  • Packs Small Plays Big
  • Stunning Visuals
  • Psychological Perfection

Running Time Approximately 33min

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