The Cord and the Coins by Pipo Villanueva

The Cord and the Coins (Routine only) | Pipo Villanueva

The Cord and the Coins is my take con Troy Houser’s modern classic “Charming Chinese Challenge”. It takes as the point of departure Lance Pierce’s beautiful take on this routine, “Recharmed I’m sure”. This minimalistic routine dispenses with all effects except the three penetrations, in the spirit of the all-time classic “Coins through the silk” and it was design with the idea of streamlining further the handling.

This a professional handling best suited for real close up and table-hoping performance with virtually not angles for that kind of environment.

One of the challenges while developing the routine was coming up with a last penetration strong enough to close the routine there. All the moves are explained with great detail from the front and the back to simplify the understanding of the mechanics involved.


Three Chinese coins (with a hole in the center) are examined by the audience and threaded on a red cord which also has been examined. One by one the coins penetrate the cord like it’s made of butter, at the end the coins are released, and the cord remains intact.

Now you can study thoroughly and dive into it with the complete course I carefully put together. Total running time is 25 minutes in 10 chapters.

If you are interested, please read below to see what exactly you receive if you buy this product

Explanation running time 25 min approx.

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