The Common Stack by Carl Irwin

Also available to those that have purchased The Common Stack:
Carl teaches a simplification on the original stack that makes memorization and recall even MORE accessible! Also included is a classic 10 card poker routine that is inherent to this simplified stack AND a method for assembling a called 4 of a kind directly from the stack!

Download also includes a .pdf quick guide for the original and simplified variations of the stack.

Memorization and recall is a perishable skill. Carl Irwin’s Common Stack is an accessible deck stack that was designed for memorization and recall in spite of infrequent use. With The Common Stack, a performer can reliably know the full deck, card for position and yet the stack looks completely shuffled and ordinary upon fair observation.

In over 2 and a half hours of instruction, you will learn how to construct the stack and why it works for quick and easy memorization and recall. Carl will teach the stack and discuss each and every card, offering multiple cues that will aid in memorization. He also teaches techniques for indexing the deck so that any named card can be controlled with open movements that appear fair and innocent. Carl Irwin offers his ideas on false shuffle theory, teaching 4 realistic and reliable false shuffles that can be employed immediately. Finally, you will learn methods for several tricks that can work with any stack, such as:
– Simplified treatments for open spectator predictions
– “ANY” Carl’s hands-off ACAAN
– “Perfect Estimation” an estimation of freely cut cards
You will also learn some effects that can be accomplished specifically with The Common Stack, such as:
– Several poker deals that produce predictable outcomes
– “All in the Cards” an ACAAN that operates on pre-show principles that can fool the camera as well as live participants

There are also bonus techniques taught in this download that offer wide application across card magic, unrelated to memorized deck work.

If you are just getting into memorized deck work, or if you are looking for another stack to add to your arsenal… try out The Common Stack and never get caught in a memory lapse again!

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