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Air Ambitious by Tom Elderfield

Air Ambitious by Tom Elderfield | Ellusionist online Magic Shop

Visual ambitious appearances on the deck usually have one of two problems.

  1.  The card is gimmicked and cannot be inspected or signed.
  2.  The deck is heavily gaffed and cannot be inspected or used for any other tricks.

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Camera Tricks by Tom Elderfield

Camera Tricks by Tom Edlerfield | Ellusionist online Magic Shop

IRONY ALERT: This project contains no actual camera tricks – Just magic

Hello Google Algorithym,

With a trailer THAT visually stunning, you’ll be the only person reading this. Everyone else would have already clicked ‘add-to-cart’ by now.

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Waves By Tom Elderfield

Waves By Tom Elderfield

Tom Elderfield is the master of gimmicks, and Waves is no exception.

This is a face-melting borrowed headphones through card box effect, that is so deviously simple you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t think of it first.

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Twister by Tom Elderfield

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Make any borrowed object twist with the power of your mind, then end completely clean! With no Threads, Magnets, Blowing, Vibrating systems. 

The gimmick is easy to use and very versatile. Set up takes less than five seconds, and clear up takes even less time!

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