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DieAbolical V5 By Steve Cook

Die-Abolical V5 - Steve Cook - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Die-Abolical V5
Alakazam Magic are proud to work with Steve Cook, Steve has been creating magic for decades and his creations are used by magicians the world over.
Die-Abolical is one of his most famous creations with the original version being performed by the great Wayne Dobson on British Television.
Over the years Steve has released different versions of the plot (each version getting even more fooling) and V5 is the best and most fooling of all!

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Swindle by Steve Cook

Swindle by Steve Cook is a super cool influence effect ideal for opening your performance.

As usual Steve has created an easy to follow, simple to execute Mentalism effect that packs small and plays BIG!

We all know the power of a simple 50/50 choice but Swindle feels like so much more.

Add Peter Nardi’s routining to Steve’s fantastic method and you know you are on to a winner!

Swindle is super easy to do and ultra-deceptive. Comes complete with props and full video instructions.

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