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Sneak Peak by Spidey

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Have the spectator think of a name, a number, or drawing – anything. They write it on a piece of paper, fold it, and put it in your closed fist.

Within seconds, you INSTANTLY know the secret information concealed within. From the mind of Bedros “Spidey” Akkelian, the ultimate billet peek.

It’s like having X-RAY vision. And reading minds.

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Out of My Mind by Spidey (Re Upload Nitroflare)

Imagine being able to identify the color of face down cards. In the spectator’s hands. After the cards are cut – and shuffled. From a normal deck.

Based on a concept originally published in 1958. A spectator holds 10 cards face down. You’ve never seen the cards, yet you can identify the color of each one with COMPLETE accuracy. EVERY time.

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Induction by Spidey (2 DVD)

“Spidey is without a doubt the busiest hypnotist I know in today’s market and THE authority on modern stage hypnosis.”
– Shin Lim

Warning: This knowledge is not for the idly curious, the contents of this DVD; if studied properly and used ethically, can change your performance game forever!

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