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Michael O’Brien – The Manga Book Test

Divine any word using these powerful mind reading methods. Michael O’Brien is proud to introduce Manga Book Test, an incredibly fun and powerful mentalism tool that capitalizes on the unique benefits of Japanese graphic novels and comic books known as Manga.

Whether you’re a fan of Anime, Pokémon or any other Manga, this book test has it all. It is 100% impromptu and can be used with ANY book at ANY time. That’s right, if Manga isn’t your thing, you can customize the Manga Book Test to work with any book on your shelf.

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Tour De Force By Michael O’Brien

Highly reviewed by several of the industries leading magicians and magic publishing organizations, “Tour de Force” is one of the cleanest and most natural looking in-the-hands Triumph effects on the market. Every move is motivated and easy to perform.

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PCAAN by Michael O’Brien

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“Pocket Card at Any Number” is a clean ACAAN type effect featuring an awesome move called the “Pocket Utility Switch.” The spectator chooses a card and it is lost into the pack. The spectator can then deal as many cards as they like (a completely free choice). The card they stopped at is set aside and revealed to be the chosen card!

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Lavand By Michael O’Brien (R Upload Nitroflare)

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In memory of the great Rene Lavand.

“Lavand” is an extremely clean and practical four card oil and water type effect. The magician shuffles the four cards together, mixing up the colors. However, under seemingly impossible conditions, the cards continue to separate, keeping the red cards together on one side and the black cards together on the other.

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