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Joe Diamond LIVE

“Joe Diamond is a living legend. He is everything that is right with magic!” -Brian Brushwood

“Joe Diamond is dedicated to the art of mentalism, he’s a top flight performer, he studies and cares about mentalism, and he also willingly shares his time with others who could benefit from his guidance.” -Ken Weber

“As a guest on Joe Diamond’s weekly radio show years ago I saw first-hand how well he engages the listeners. He knows how to script and stage compelling magical presentations over the air.

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Christopher Carter LIVE

“Christopher Carter has been performing mentalism professionally longer than pretty much anyone. His style has always ensured his shows are fresh, engaging, and truly entertaining. The methods you’re going to learn here are not pipe dreams, this is material that has been refined in front of real audiences for decades! There are very few people I would prefer didn’t do a Penguin lecture because their stuff is too good. Christopher is one of these people. In fact having to write this to tell you that he’s amazing is most infuriating.’– Colin McLeod

“Lots of Magicians give strong, creative lectures. Some magicians are busy doing shows for good fees. Only a few performers check both of those boxes. Christopher Carter, I know first-hand, is in that elite group.”– Ken Weber
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Jeremiah Zuo LIVE

FINALLY! That is not just me shouting, it is the collective voices of magicians around the world who have witnessed Jeremiah’s coin magic. This is not hype or hyperbole, it is simply a fact. I have witnessed countless magicians, including some of the very best, flock to Jeremiah to learn the Drop after they have seen him perform… Jeremiah describes himself as a “magic fan.” I describe myself as a “Jeremiah fan.”– Tom Dobrowolski

[The Institutes] is the best collection of effective and intelligent coin magic you’ll ever see from a guy who refuses to call himself a coin magician. Can’t believe Jeremiah is going to tip this stuff. I thought it was going to stay hidden away from the magic world forever! – Curtis Kam

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Lu Chen LIVE

What will he teach?

In this Penguin Live lecture, filmed at the prestigious Magic Circle in London, Lu Chen shares his thoughts and experiences from his incredibly successful career. Plus, he performs and teaches some remarkable routines that demonstrate his latest ideas and performance philosophies.

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Justin Miller LIVE (Penguin Live)

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“Wow, this guy is really good! Not only did you continue to fry me with your clever methods, but the way you engage your audience is so natural..I am a Justin Miller fan!” – Barrie Richardson

“I purchase almost everything Justin puts out. His thinking is offbeat, his ideas are amazing, and it is all practical. I love practical. So I love Justin. He is headed toward the top of mental thinkers. His lecture will be a revelation”– Marc Salem

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