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Fred by Any Other Name by John Bannon

Fred by Any Other Name by John Bannon Instant Download

A true worker’s dream. A miracle from the king of clever card tricks that PACKS FLAT, PLAYS BIG and uses ANY DECK.

“You’ll use this for the rest of your life.” -John Bannon

“What can I say…It’s from John Bannon, it’s quick, it kills, doesn’t require any difficult moves, doesn’t require a table and it blows the spectator away. Q.E.D.” -Patrick Barry

Boy, this is the type of trick pros dream of. One of the greatest tricks in the history of card magic, now using an ordinary, shuffled (even borrowed!) deck. And no surprise, it’s from the mind of John Bannon, arguably the cleverest card magic inventor alive today.

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John Bannon – The Bannon Triumph

The Bannon Triumph by John Bannon Instant Download

“One of the tricks that really influenced how I present magic.” -John Bannon

A spectator chooses a card from the deck. The deck is cut into four separate piles, with some piles face up. Each pile is shuffled into each other, face up and face down. The spectator hasn’t put their card back in the deck, but the magician asks for the suit of their card. The spectator names the suit, the magician spreads the cards, and it is revealed that all the cards of that suit are in order, Ace through King, with one card missing (the selected card).

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View To A Skill by John Bannon

“This trick is going to fool you.” –John Bannon

“View to a skill is my favorite self-working effect of all time! This is the perfect effect for a difficult audience. They shuffle, they deal, and they are astonished.” –Josh Burch

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Power of Poker by John Bannon

The Power of Poker is a great new poker routine you will love. You give the spectator a completely free choice during every step of the routine and yet you win the game. To top it off, you show a prediction which forecasts EXACTLY who will get each hand! No

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Tattoo You by John Bannon

What starts as a simple prediction effect ends with a spectator’s signature visibly moving to a different card. John Bannon’s Tattoo You is a powerful effect that your spectators don’t see coming. It’s one of those strange effects where it seems like you make an impossible object in real-time that you can then give away as a souvenir.

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Dealing With It Season 3 by John Bannon

John Bannon is the absolute MASTER of easy to do, but eye-poppingly powerful card tricks. His incredible construction and routining mean you only ever need the most basic sleights to accomplish miracles. On Dealing With It Season III Bannon teaches all six of the killer routines from his acclaimed Genii Magazine column in 2019. Each one is tour de force of genuine ingenuity with that will leave any audience stunned.

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Duplicity by John Bannon

Twisted Sisters is one of John Bannon’s most popular packet tricks. In Duplicity John applies that same clever thinking and three punch reveal only now it is completely examinable.

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