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Reality Bending by James Brown & POWA ACADEMY

Reality Bending - Suggestions to Shape the World

  • If you are struggling to EVEN GET STARTED with hypnosis
  • If you are a magician who has struggled to perform hypnosis
  • If you are a hypnotist who is fed up with the rituals…
  • If you are doing stage hypnosis but you don’t like having to act the jerk or the dark lord
  • If you are a performer and you know you are missing out on the real magic that only the manipulation of beliefs can create…

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Secrets of Pickpocketing by James Brown & Daniele Sicorace

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Pickpocketing is all about being able to dance in and out of someones personal space without them being aware. However, as entertainers we must only use our powers for good. In Secrets of Pickpocketing: The Beginners Guide to Master the Art of the Steal by POWA Academy, professional UK pickpocket and magician James Brown shows you how to do so ethically in the context of a theatrical environment.

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James Brown LIVE (Penguin LIVE) (Re Upload Nitroflare)

“James Brown is a cutting edge performer who is not afraid to push the boundary of what is and what’s not possible. By combining his knowledge of traditional magic, mentalism and pickpocketing with reality shifting suggestion he is able to create unique effects that stun his audiences. James has a lot to share, take the time to listen to what he has to say.” – Marc Paul

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