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Flip – The Very Best (6 DVD) (only Premium)

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A true international star of magic, Flip has been delighting audiences for decades with his enchanting, whimsical magic. He’s been invited to lecture and perform for just about every major magician’s convention in the world and his lectures are always greeted with acclaim by all who have been lucky enough to attend. Now, for the first time, Flip divulges the secrets to many of his remarkable magic creations in this extraordinary video series.

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Flip LIVE (Penguin LIVE) (R Upload Nitroflare)

“Anyone who not only wants to add tricks to his repertoire, but truly to become a better magician, should learn from the Masters. FL!P is one of the very few Masters we have, and he’s one on my very short list of geniuses. Regardless of the type and style of magic you fancy, you will be inspired by FL!P’s creative and totally original approach to magic. Do not miss this lecture!” – Roberto Giobbi

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