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Eric Ross – Weapons

Weapons (Deck & Video) by Eric Ross

WEAPONS is the BEST Gaffed deck to come along in years!

The WEAPONS deck contains the BEST gaff card tricks and tools to have ever been released ALL IN ONE DECK!

Gaffs that will kick your card magic up a few levels!

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Bon Appétit (The Art of Eating Nails) by Eric Ross


For centuries, Hindu Fakirs have been pushing the limits of the human endurance to pain with public demonstrations..

These demonstrations, such as eating glass, sleeping on a bed of nails and piercing their bodies with giant skewers are shocking, scary, taboo and ultimately intriguing!

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At The Table Live Lecture Eric Ross 2

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Eric Ross is one of the edgiest and most prolific creators and performers! His creative mind has landed him on some of the best platforms, including the Ellen DeGeneres show. Now fresh off a cross country tour on the Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow Revue, Eric returns for his 2nd At The Table Lecture, eager to share some of his most requested material. He shares in detail how he safely performs some of his many classic sideshow stunts that he’s built an entire career around, as well as his go-to magic tricks perfect for workers. You do not want to miss this unique experience with Eric Ross on his 2nd At The TableLecture!

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Infection by Eric Ross

The Infection is Eric Ross’s take on an effect that was featured on a nationally televised magic special by Penn & Teller. Eric teaches you this great effect with permission from Penn & Teller.

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Uncrush by Eric Ross

“They feel it coming ALIVE, it’s insane.”

1. Pick up a crushed bottle.
2. On cue, make the bottle UNCRUSH.
3. Examinable before AND IMMEDIATELY AFTER.

You can even do it while THEY HOLD THE BOTTLE. A PERFECT party tricks you’ll be eager to do as often as possible.

PROFESSIONALS: The method is quick and easy, so you focus almost 100% on presentation, presentation, presentation.

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