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Card to Card Box by Cody Fisher (only Premium)

More than a trick, it’s like a mini show, five minutes with tons of surprises. Cody starts out with his signature ambitious card routine and ends with a signed card into a card box. I don’t want to give away too much info but the final phase is impossible.

Cody teaches an awesome new force along with another secret technique you must learn and a great method for making a card appear in the box.

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Cody Fisher LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE)

“Cody is a refreshing combination of creative, crafty, and comical.”- Gregory Wilson”Cody is a refreshing combination of creative, crafty, and comical.”– Gregory Wilson

“When Cody Fisher shares anything it is PURE GOLD to any working pro. Cody’s Penguin Lecture is that goldmine”– Bill Abbott

“Watch Cody Fisher’s lecture even if it means sacrificing everything! Just Do It!”– Karl Hein

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Killer Prediction by Cody Fisher

Right out of his corporate act Cody Fishers KILLER PREDICTION is a masterpiece of stand up magic.

The magician introduces a cased deck of cards as his prediction. Then tossing three different colored paper balls into the audience three spectators are chosen. Together they freely select the identity of a single playing card.

The magician reveals that there is in fact only one card face up in the deck…it is the freely chosen card…AND it has a different color back than the rest of the deck! For the KILLER ending the three audience volunteers are instructed to open the paper balls and hold the papers high above their heads. Unbelievably the first paper says TEN, the second paper says OF, and the last paper says HEARTS!

  • ten minutes of solid material
  • easy to do
  • incredible payoff
  • packs small plays massive
  • every detail worked out through hundreds of performances

A show stopping prediction effect!

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