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Chris Kenner – Totally out of Control

Totally Out Of Control (Chris Kenner, Homer Liwag)

This is cult. Not the ”Little House on the Prairie” kind, but still cult. Chris Kenner’s now famous book contains material that is still going strong. Timeless routines that meets today’s need for flashy, fast and hard-hitting magic, while still not overdoing it.

I can’t believe how varied the content in this book is. From rubber bands, cards and coins, to cigars and ropes.

The original “Sybil” cut is explained in this book; a flourish that you will most likely have stumbled upon already (purposely or not). There are new plots in the book, alongside variations of existing

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Hellbound Spellbound by Chris Kenner

Hellbound Spellbound by Chris Kenner | theory11

A single silver coin is displayed and held at the fingertips. With a meticulous rub, the coin instantly and visually changes into a copper coin… then changes back to a silver coin again.

You explain you’ve been using two coins – but show that they’re BOTH silver.

Hellbound Spellbound is a stunningly visual coin trick with nothing but great methodology and pure sleight-of-hand. NO gimmicks are needed to

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Election by Chris Kenner

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As you deal cards onto the table, your spectator is simply asked to say YES or NO – pairing various groups together. The NO row is turned over to show it contains pairs that don’t match.

The YES cards are revealed to match perfectly – in both color and value.

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SLIPSHOT by Chris Kenner

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In the action of cutting the deck into two, any number of playing cards instantly shoot out from the center – one after the other, in rapid succession.

A classic playing card sleight taught by a master of card technique.

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