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THE P A C K By Arnel Renegado

Introducing The Pack, Imagine this spectator select a card and signed, you then put the chosen card into the middle of the pack, suddenly the deck moves and visually one card appear on the top of the pack and eerily flips over by itself and it is their chosen card. Lets discover the secret of RmC’s The Pack.

Easy to do gimmick
Easy to perform
incredible unique gimmick

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ANDROID by Arnel Renegado

ANDROID is a gimmick that allows you to make a freely selected card appear to the top of a deck from the middle.


A card is selected and signed you then put it into the middle of the deck and suddenly when it drop their chosen card appear to the top.

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TITANIUM by Arnel Renegado

A coin is borrowed and signed on both sides, you then rip it in half right in between on there signature.they can see their signature being rip off, and with no cover with a snap the coin restored and immediately hand that signature coin to be examine no switches.

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Digital Restore by Arnel Renegado

Digital Restore is an effect where you rip a corner off a card and visually restore it in several phases. Imagine this — you ask your spectator to select a card and you rip the corner off the selected card and, with a shake, the corner visually restores piece by piece.

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