Swamirakle by Unknown Mentalist

Swamirakle by Unknown Mentalist,2016 Products

When I read the very first release manuscript (Karma Deck) by the Unknown Mentalist, I was entranced. His knowledge, insight, effects and their methodology were first rate. Beginners luck, I thought. And then I Download Link of his subsequent releases, it was terrific. Can one man really be putting out this much quality material? I was almost shaken.
And now the swami gimmick, my bread and butter……I hope the Unknown Mentalist asks me to collaborate on a swami effect or two. I respect his one of a kind thinking.
Swamirakle is a small collection of ideas and suggestions which can be explored with the Unswami Principle. These are some thought seeds which you can use to further develop routines as per

your specific requirements.

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