Studio52 – London Underground (ALL 5 Video) (Upload 5)


Christian has become very well known for impossibly clean and baffling magic. He will be performing and teaching several killer items, including brand new effects which have not been seen before. Christian likes magic, drinking and taking his top off for money. Please adopt.


Luke has made a name for himself with his hyper-visual, organic and easy to do magic. There are NO card tricks in this lecture… just mind-boggling magic to melt the eyes for the real world and for social media.


Steven is a magician and professional Blackjack player. He is banned from almost every UK casino and will be talking about his unique card counting adventures (and that he misses the free food).


Jack works full time in the casino surveillance business—which gives him plenty of time to practice amazing sleight of hand card magic. He will be blowing your mind with very clever and clean card magic. He knows that you don’t know him, but he doesn’t know you either… so let’s call it even.


Ben is a world renowned magician and sleight of hand artist. He will be performing and explaining some brand new card magic while recovering from hosting the London Underground event.


Ben, Christian, Jack, Steven and Luke will all come together for a live improvised magic jam session. WARNING… drinking and fun may ensue.


Hangout until midnight with everyone in the Studio. There are no rules here… beware.

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