Stick and Twisted by Kyle Purnell

Tear a signed sticky note in half, and then restore it BACKWARDS. No expensive gimmick refills, just an ordinary sticky notepad and the brilliant mind that brought you Light Year, Brain Child, and The Hancock Effect. This is an anytime, anywhere, torn and restored reputation maker. This is Stick & Twisted by Kyle Purnell.

Here’s what happens:

The magician introduces a small pad of sticky notes. A spectator is invited to write their initials on one half of the top note. The magician then removes the note from the pad and tears it in half. A

second spectator initials the other half of the torn slip of paper. The magician then visually fuses the torn pieces of the sticky note back together in the wrong direction. The middle is now on the outside, and the outsides are in the middle. The restored signed sticky note is then handed out for immediate examination.

Stick & Twisted represents Kyle’s lifelong pursuit of the Torn & Restored plot. Not only is this easy to do, but Kyle will teach you the details behind the extremely simple setup so that professional performers can repeat this effect immediately. This works with any set of sticky notes, and when the sticky note is restored, you can immediately hand it out as an impossible souvenir. Kyle has used this effect for years in his working repertoire to get big reactions, and now you can perform this impossible effect at a moment’s notice. Turn your audience’s brain inside out with Stick & Twisted by Kyle Purnell.

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