Size Does Matter 2.0 by Juan Pablo Magic

In the last few decades Juan Pablo has been trying to find a way to change not only the value, but also the size of the bills.

Now he found a way to do it adding multiple changes in the process.

The result is: Size Does Matter 2.0 D.I.Y.

Now you will be able to perform the classic Pat Page’s “Easy Money” with different size bills, and to do 3 changes with 1 gimmick!

Imagine having small Monopoly bills and being able totransform their value and also their SIZE into one dollar bills! Then clearly show them, and instantly change them into one hundred dollar bills, showing each one of them! And if you want, you can go backwards in a more visual and instantaneous way as if everything had been an illusion!

Includes a bonus video where he teaches Size Does Matter 1.0, where you can transform real Euro bills (or any currency with different size bills) by increasing the value and size of each one as well. Then, slowly and clearly go back to show that you can do it as many times as you wish!
br>It’s a new method that is very easy to do, without angles. It resets in seconds and you can even bet small fake toy bills and transform them into real money!

Juan will teach you step by step how to make your own gimmick.

Comes with Monopoly bills and everything you need to build it.

You can adapt it to bills of any currency!

One comment

  1. The video download is not Size Does Matter 2.0, but the original Size Does Matter By Juan Pablo

    There is only one change (that can go back and forth), and not the ‘double change’ new feature in Size Does Matter 2.0

    This appears to be the exact same video in better quality that is already uploaded to this website

    If anyone has the real Size Does Matter 2.0 – Please share the link

    Thank you

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