Siegfried Tieber – Vanishing Inc. Showtime

Siegfried Tieber - Vanishing Inc. Showtime - $1.99 :

“Unlike any other performance you’ve seen.”Los Angeles Times

This month’s Showtime features the work of Ecuadorian magician Siegfried Tieber, who has made a splash all over the world with his thoughtful, artistic brand of magic. Tieber’s show draws from philosophy, the arts, and history, and the emphasis of his virtual show is on interacting and connecting with people. His live shows have taken him all over the world, from headlining spots at the Edinburgh Fringe to the stages of Las Vegas. But his next stage is…your living room. Invite your family to join you for this unforgettable sleight-of-hand experience, all accomplished virtually from

Tieber’s home in Los Angeles.

This event takes place May 5, 2021, at 9pm ET (NYC Time).

“He’s got a head of bushy curls and a smile as wide as the equator; picture Malcolm Gladwell with 52 cards.”Forbes

“A mighty performer. Tieber’s enthusiasm for his art is infectious: He’s a joy to watch.”Time Out New York

“Charming and engaging, he turns the tables on reality. A perfect night out.”LA Weekly

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