Rubber Exchange 2.0 by Joe Rindfleisch

“Joe Rindfleish is a freak with rubber bands — making me think that he lives and practices in a rubber room!” – Gregory Wilson

The mad genius of rubber bands is back with more elastic effects than you can shake a fist at. Joe Rindfleisch never stops advancing and honing his effects, and Rubber Exchange is no different. In this massive project, Joe not only refreshes you on the finer points of The Rubber Exchange effect, but he teaches brand new elastic illusions using Rubber Exchange Principles.

What you will learn:

Rubber Exchange: The rubber band transposition that started it all. Two different colored rubber bands change places, then change places again without any cover and right in front of your spectator’s eyes.

Continuous Heartbeat: Get ready to do Rubber Exchange with just a gesture, plus you’ll learn how to perform the transposition in a fluid and continuous manner.

The Hecklau Finesse: For the first time you’ll be able to perform Rubber Exchange silently.

The Rindfleisch Finesse: This addition to the Hecklau Finesse steps the silent performance up another notch.

Mini Exchange and The Travel: Learn to perform Rubber Exchange with two sets of bands on your hand so the transpositions are twice as visual.

Crossed Uncrossed: A one band variant of Rubber Exchange that makes it look like you can make a twist appear in the band.

Half and Half: The top and bottom of the band change places while the spectator is firmly holding it. You’ll also learn how to make a half colored band that changes color on each side one at a time while the audience is holding it.

Gift Exchange: First you make one rubber band wind itself around the other in a small bow. Then that bow travels up and down the crossed bands, then everything can be examined.

Band To The Future: In some of the craziest visuals on the entire project Joe will teach you how to make the bow jump from one band to another like it was passing through a wormhole.

This is a massive project with new tips that will make your rubber band magic more visual and more deceptive. Clocking in at more than an hour and a half in length, Joe Rindfleisch leaves out nothing. This is Rubber Exchange 2.

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