Pocketses By Mark Elsdon

Pocketses by Mark Elsdon (Ebook)|Magic Ebook

From a borrowed, shuffled deck you remove two single cards which you place into your pocket. You quite openly state that these are predictions: one card will match the suit, and the other card will match the value of the card that the participant is about to choose! The participant shuffles the deck and removes a card. 100% free choice, no force. Let’s say it is the Ace of Hearts. You remove the cards from your pockets and impossibly they are correct – one is an Ace and the other is a Heart!
Oh, and did I mention that you also have a prediction in the card case that says ‘Ace of Hearts’?!?

Points to remember:
NO force.
NO gimmicks.
NO indexes.
NO palming.
You are always 100% correct, no ‘alternative endings’ or verbal deception.
Borrowed, shuffled deck.
You’ll learn this in two minutes and use it forever.
“I very rarely add new card effects to my repertoire, but Pocketses is just too good to ignore! It’s super strong, will fool anyone and is almost self-working.” – Iain Moran
“For me personally this is a huge bargain, and this is something that I will do when out and about, and definitely at conventions using a borrowed deck. I will also do this as a part of a larger routine at gigs as this type of magic comes across like you are doing really strong mind reading/mind control stuff. I highly recommend you check this out.” – Gary Jones

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