Peter Samelson – Masterclass Live (Week 1-2-3+Zoom)

Peter Samelson: Masterclass: Live - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

A master of theatrical magic (he literally wrote the book Theatrical Magic), Peter Samelson will bring a fresh, artful perspective to our platform. Equally amazing onstage or up close, Peter will cover the signature routines from his repertoire that have earned him an international reputation and a staple of New York magic. The level of precision and detail in his work is awe-inspiring, and his creative takes on both classics and lesser-known effects will find favor in all Masterclass: Live attendees. This class is a chance not only to expand your repertoire, but to deepen your understanding of the craft of magic.

Unreleased material is combined with published routines. You will get complete routines, and simultaneously an understanding of the principles of what works and why. You’ll walk away with tools helping you craft powerful presentations. While sharing material from Peter’s working repertoire, with a range of sleights and handlings spanning easy to challenging, you will be learn real world, field-tested magic, forged during thousands of hours of paid performance.

Week One: (May 2nd 2021, 4pm ET) – Crazy Cards

  • NY Transpo – internet challenges and how this twist on a classic overcomes exposure
  • Body Snatchers – Classic Presentation with Walter Cummings Mexican Turnover
  • Body Snatchers 2020 – the updated handling and kicker ending as seen on P&T Fool Us
  • Bonus: Church of the Amazing Spectacles – X-Ray vision and ACAAN.

Week Two: (May 9th 2021, 4pm ET) – Polished Parlor, Simply Silver

  • Mimetic Slo-Mo
  • Linking Finger Rings
  • Ring and Rope from Theatrical Close Up that leads to …
  • Ring in Box – very clean climax to the above or as a stand alone
  • Bonus: The LoveLocks – A bunch of Keys, a Ring and Romance

Week Three: (May 16th 2021, 4pm ET) – Crafting Stage Craft

  • Heartstrings – Magic and Impact in the Gypsy Thread
  • The Phoenix – Virtually perfect
  • Kids’ toys and 4-sided Crackerjacks
  • Bonus: Snow Globe – the routine that began the flurry of Snowstorms

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