Paul Daniels – Mesmerizing Magic

Paul Daniels is one of the most successful magicians of all time. He made worldwide headlines with his top rated television shows, extensive live performances and the fortune he acquired through magic.

On this instructional DVD, Paul teaches you how to become popular at events and parties using magic. You will learn how to make everyday objects disappear into thin air, perform eye popping card tricks, make the face on a bill seem to come alive, pass a pen through the middle of a bill without harming it, make objects change places before your eyes, and much, much more.

The DVD begins with Paul introducing you to magic with some advice on how to learn and perform these mesmerizing routines. Throughout the DVD Paul gives tips that will help you learn and perform the magic for friends, family and even strangers.

Routines performed and explained:

  • Push Through Card: A selected card is found when it is pushed out of the center of the deck.
  • Upside Down Note: A borrowed bill is folded and amazingly turns upside-down.
  • Pen Through Banknote (John Hirokawa): A pen is pushed through the center of a bill while it is wrapped by a post-it note — amazingly the money is not harmed.
  • The Vanishing Ace: An Ace magically vanishes from the pack and appears back inside the card case.
  • Two Into One: Two pieces of string are magically merged into one.
  • Vanishing Coin: A coin vanishes after being placed in the center of a handkerchief.
  • You Do As I Do: Two cards are selected from different packs and turn out to be identical.
  • Stretching Napkin: A table napkin is made to stretch to almost twice its length.
  • Linking Paperclips: Two paperclips link as they jump off of a bank note.
  • Coins Across: Coins vanish from under paper napkins and assemble in one place.

The magic taught here is very easy but is also the magic that Paul uses when he performs in casual situations and among friends. These routines are time-tested classics that you will enjoy fooling and entertaining your friends with.


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Card Through Deck – Elian Agaian

Yuval Keren and Elian Agaian inventors of ‘Credit Card Decoder’ have created a new and impressive ‘Card Through Deck’ magic routine.

  • Any Playing Card
  • Any Deck
  • No Switches
  • No Force
  • Examinable at start and end of routine

Grab an audience, a deck of cards and a sharpie and you are ready to perform this miracle. A card is selected and signed, a black line is then drawn on with a sharpie. The spectator then selects another card and folds it down the middle along its length. The signed card is replaced onto the deck and you take the other folded selection and begin to penetrate it into the signed card that is on top of the deck. The audience watches in amazement as the card begins to slice right through the WHOLE deck! The folded selection melts right through the deck like a hot knife through butter. The remainder of the card can be extracted by the spectator to make sure the magic happens in their hands too! Once the penetration has occured the unharmed deck can be inspected leaving your spectators wondering what has just happened!

The signed playing card and the deck can be completely examined at the end of the routine.

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Uncrush by Eric Ross

“They feel it coming ALIVE, it’s insane.”

1. Pick up a crushed bottle.
2. On cue, make the bottle UNCRUSH.
3. Examinable before AND IMMEDIATELY AFTER.

You can even do it while THEY HOLD THE BOTTLE. A PERFECT party tricks you’ll be eager to do as often as possible.

PROFESSIONALS: The method is quick and easy, so you focus almost 100% on presentation, presentation, presentation.

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Target by Valdemar Gestur

With no hands, threads or magnets, a deck mysteriously cuts itself to the exact location of a spectator’s card. If that isn’t enough, the magician may then command the card to be pulled from the center by an invisible force. With all eyes on the deck, this moment will leave your audience screaming.

Created by Valdemar Gestur and performed by Shin Lim. Target offers six variations to suite your performing style, from a ghostly slow-motion version to a whirling flourish we know you’ll love. Also included is an easy method for levitating the cards from the box. You might just never manually remove them again.

The secret is a versatile new gimmick you won’t want to be without. It’s undetectable and allows for everything to be handed out with literally nothing to find. Better yet, nearly every drugstore carries it and Shin goes over exactly what it is.

Although the gimmick may be purchased at your local drugstore, you are welcome to purchase a supply from us.

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Balloon School by Stephen Ablett

Instructional download DVD that teaches 33 different modelling balloon creations – most of which are single balloon animals which Stephen gives out to the children at the end of his show. He also discusses his A1 Balloon Poster / A-Frame backdrop and provides the PSD and JPEG file for it for you to make your own (see your digital shelf for the zip file to download). Almost all the models feature both front and over the shoulder shots of the creation process.


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John Riggs – UNCHAINED

In 1996, John Riggs was released from his cage to present a lecture at the Meeting of the Minds in New Jersey for the Psychic Entertainers Convention.  He performed and explained several of his pet effects from his writings.  Included in this one-hour DVD re-release is:

  • Procrastinating Prognosticator (including all the original handling and bad jokes)

  • They Hell Fire (one of the strongest close-up mental effects you can do)

  • Add-A-Riggs One and Add-A-Riggs Two (one switches numbers and one DOES NOT!)

  • Bear Your Soul (You present an audience member with a teddy bear carrying a letter signed with the name of the bear they had when they were a child.

  • An extensive discussion on Pocket Writing and much discussion on performing tips and philosophy.

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