Out of the Country by Luke Turner

A freely thought of card, country and city.

No swami
No one ahead

No pre-show
No forces
No dual reality

Imagine what it would feel like to actually read someone’s mind…

I present to you: “Out of the Country”

With the suggestions and help of…

Peter TurnerFraser ParkerKenton Knepper, and Christophe Jelinski

You simply cannot understand the power that this routine gives you until you see it for yourself.

This is a completely impromptu miracle ready to be performed any time anywhere.

AND this will teach you all of the SUBTLETIES you need to bring your performance to the next level. Mixing in ideas from WONDER WORDS, teaching efficient script and maximizing hits. This is the perfect opening routine to establish who you are and what it is that you do. Includes bonus ideas and subtleties you can use in the rest of all your material. It’s easy to learn and is guaranteed to hit hard (Even revealing PIN numbers and drawings!)

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