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We’re thrilled to partner with Ollie Mealing on one of the most practical and original effects we’ve seen for a long time. With an intriguing and memorable premise, you’re going to love performing “One Question”!

This unique routine is best described as a combination of card magic, mentalism, and party games like “Heads Up” and “Twenty Questions.” It’s powerful enough to go into your formal show, while also being casual enough to perform while simply hanging out with friends.

You start by writing a card on a sticky note and placing it on your spectator’s head to prove that it’s impossible for them to see what you wrote. They then do the same for you. Without you seeing anything, you’re now going to guess what card they wrote.

Typically, in the previously mentioned games, this is the part where you’d get to ask questions about what’s written on your head. However, that wouldn’t be very magical. So, for this routine, you only get to ask ONE question—and it’s not “what card did you think of”. This is the part of the routine where you truly have limitless potential to let your unique character shine through.

Despite the fact that there is no force or equivoque and you never remove the sticky note from your head, you are able to impossibly divine the card they chose every single time.

“One Question” is super easy to do and comes ready to go out of the box. There is no pencil reading or other complicated methods required. You don’t even need to be in the room when they write the card down.

While each set comes with a red Bicycle deck, you’ll also receive an extra gimmick that allows you to customize your favorite premium deck of cards.

Includes: Deck of Red Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards with a gimmick installed, an extra gimmick, Post-It notes and video instructions.

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  1. Can you please upload Orion by Phedon Bilek? Thank you!!

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