NERD by O_Nul and SangSoon Kim


was created through the collaboration of O_Nul and SangSoon Kim.

They have tried to make not just a ‘Gimmick’, like a piece of art, then we started a project to share with many people, finally they have created an extraordinary parlor magic trick.

[NERD] is perfect for those of you who aim to perform visual magic on social media such as Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube or other social media platforms.

Not only that, this will also serve you well when you will be performing in a parlor environment with real audiences.They have added visual parts that we have been unsatisfied about the Parlor


[NERD] also includes the incredible detail video instruction and script to help you navigate through the learning journey.

Key Information about Nerd

  • Perform 360° angle. (Anywhere)
  • Any Card. (Audience chooses and signs any card)
  • Modern and visual phenomena suitable for live in person show, international TV show and intimate Zoom Show.
  • Complete Parlor Routine for 5-6 minutes and various routines are included.
  • Perfect opening to create a powerful impression.
  • Audience can be checked after a magic demonstration. (You can gift sock to the audience.)


[N E R D] includes :

  • Dust Bag
  • Normal 2 pairs of socks
  • Gimmick Sock 1 each
  • Card Gimmick Making Kit (200-300 times)
  • QR code access to steaming instruction

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