Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser By Raj Madhok

Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser by Raj Madhok

We’ve known Raj Madhok since before the invention of Vanishing Inc. He has been a friend, trusted editor, and “title-giver” for many of our projects. Over the past three decades he has contributed effects to most of the magic journals of our time. A few years ago we asked if he would produce a booklet of his mentalism.

Well, that time has come.

Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser is a 54 page, soft cover book containing nine of his favorite effects. Most are close-up and impromptu, but can play bigger – including an intriguing chair test for

the stage, but it can also be done close-up!

Imagine being able to tell someone their birthday without writing anything down or seemingly asking any questions. You’ll also learn how to divine the best friend of an audience member, alter someone’s sense of touch, subliminally influence a choice of objects, and describe a book and a specific word created only in someone’s mind! A handful of invisible M&Ms and two baffling card effects round out this collection that uses subtleties rather than sleights.

We’re delighted to finally be able to offer you Raj’s mentalism in print and we hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser is overflowing with innovative mysteries. You’ll get more than your money’s worth simply by reading N’ Synch 3.0 or Fossa Nature. A treat.Michael Weber

Anything put out by Raj is a must. HIs thinking is clean, his ideas original and the subtleties grand. Don’t pass this one by.Banachek

This material is annoyingly good.Max Maven

Raj, your innovative thinking always sets my mind afire. Any mentalist, or mystery performer , should run to acquire this mini tome. Not dusty ideas from the past, you’ll never put it up for auction.Marc Salem

I’ve always appreciated Raj’s warm, approachable demeanor and this is reflected in his magic and mentalism. When he performs, you’re not always sure when he’s started. The experience is more conversational and organic than expected, and through the use of everyday objects, you don’t feel you’re being ’showed a trick’. Even familiar themes, once updated with his tweaks and handlings, feel new again (The Invisible Book Test). I’ll be using some of these routines immediately.Larry Fong

I really enjoyed reading Raj’s book. So many clever and thought-provoking ideas!Eugene Burger

One thing that sets Raj’s work apart from many, is his ability to weave beautiful presentations into his effects.John Carey

Having seen all of these effects over the last few months, I can assure you of their spectacularity!Greg Wilson

Brilliant stuff. Raj has a gift for devising mentalism that is modern, meaningful and mind-blowing! Every routine is stellar.John Guastaferro

The first time I met Raj, he showed fooled me badly with the effects now described in this volume. His mentalism is impromptu, engaging, and he is a master at creating a casual bubble of alternative reality in which the audience can share a magical moment with him. I love his style.Vincent Hedan

Mysteries that will melt your brain. No worries. The doctor is in!John Bannon

The nine, diverse, compact presentations in this book show how to make the curious and mysterious extraordinary and memorable. The properties used are pocket-sized and commonplace. More tellingly, what interactively happens when they merge with nearby minds is provably remarkable.Jon Racherbaumer

Available as a Perfect Bound Book (54 pages), or in an PDF Ebook (56 pages).

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