Mike Caveney – Masterclass Live (Week Three)

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Mike Caveney’s Masterclass: LIVE begins on Sunday, March 7, 2021.

What a terrific variety Mike will bring to the Masterclass platform. A lauded talent in stage and parlor magic, Mike is also a distinguished author, historian, and collector. And we’re tapping into each of these diverse areas for his unforgettable Masterclass. You’ll get a curated tour of Egyptian Hall, Mike’s unequaled home museum. You’ll see some of the rarest magic lithographs in existence, as well as Carter the Great’s most prized prop. You’ll see unique apparatus from all the world’s best magicians WITH the commentary and context from Mr. Caveney, one of magic’s most

distinguished historians. But what about tricks? Caveney wrote Caveney’s Wonders three years ago and has not yet recorded this material or his approach in any form. He will touch on his approach to parlor magic with illustrations from his own work. We’re EXTREMELY excited about what is sure to be a different and amazing Masterclass.

Here is a teaser of what you can expect:

Week Three: Egyptian Hall Museum Tour (March 21st 2021)
This session is going to focus on Parlor and Stage magic. For more than 40 years, Mike has traveled the world performing on stage and in this Masterclass, he is going to take a deep dive into the methods, and the presentations of some of his most famous pieces.

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