Michael Murray – A Brave New World (Video+PDF)

Brave New World (E-Book) – MindFX

Michael Murray’s version of OOTW is genius, pure and simple.  If Paul Curry had still been alive he would have adopted Michael’s handling immediately.  It is THAT good.” – Mark Elsdon

“A Brave New World” is Michael Murray’s take on the Paul Curry’s classic titled “Out of this World”.

For those that are not familiar with this effect you essentially allow a spectator to deal a shuffled deck into two face down piles.  When each of these piles are turned over it is revealed that the spectator has somehow managed to separate the red cards from the blacks.

Despite the fact that there are countless variations of this effect on the market already, Michael has addressed several key points in the routine which culminate together to create one of the finest “Out of this World’s” to date.

Please bear the following in mind:

  • Performed with a borrowed shuffled deck
  • There is zero preparation required
  • This is 100% slight free
  • Logical “pseudo” explanation   
  • No touching the cards until the final revelation
  • No stopping half way through
  • The spectators choices 100% genuine
  • No transference of cards between the packets
  • At the conclusion of the effect you end clean
  • Quicker dealing process
  • There is process driven patter

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