Mental Epic Envelopes by Andrea Rizzolin

“Mental Epic Envelopes” is Andrea Rizzolini’s take on the classic effect known to the magic community as “Mental Epic”.

Three envelopes are shown to be blank on the back side while on the front are numbered from one to three.
A spectator is asked to make three random choices (the throw of an immaginary coin, the selection of a number from 1 to 50, etc. etc.) and before each one of them the performer writes a prediction and inserts it into the corresponding envelope.

In the end each one of the predictions is 100% correct.

Things to keep in mind:
• The patterns to create your own envelopes are included;
• A non-force method is explained;
• Everything fits in your pocket;
• Can be performed both in close up and parlor situations.

“Although I usually don’t like routines that include the use of gimmicks, Andrew has found a solution that makes the classic effect known as “Mental Epic” natural and fluid in the management of the order.
In fact in this case the purpose of the gimmick, that you can build and customize as you like, is to improve the credibility of the effect. So… Bravo!”

– Alex Le Fanu author of “NINE”

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