Marc Paul – Masterclass Live (Week 1)

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World-renowned mentalist Marc Paul presents an action-packed Masterclass download series, all gleaned from decades traveling the globe and performing in the most exclusive venues. In two nearly 90-minute classes, he goes deep and wide on the very concepts that mentalists struggle with most.

In the first download, Marc delivers a true masterclass on billet work. Inspired by Annemann’s “Telepathy Plus,” he shares his Triple Billet Test, a routine honed through thousands of performances. At no point in this routine are any of the billets perceptibly opened, and Marc also shares his unique approach to making billet work completely invisible. Marc also covers one of his

most coveted card routines, which is, in essence, a card “system.” With this routine, you can discover, under impossible conditions, any card called for, repeat it, and then end with an ACAAN routine that seems absolutely incomprehensible. All these phases rely on one core concept, and it’s something easy enough for anyone to master.

In the second download, Marc fully explains the inner most working of a routine that he has kept to himself for over 20 years; his commercial approach to The Q & A Act. This is a practical, streamlined, and structured way of revealing your audiences most intimate secrets. If you have ever wanted to perform Q & A this will tell you everything you need to know and give you a rock solid way of doing it that is both highly deceptive and diverse. Over the course of 12 to 15 minutes you’ll perform over 15 reveals! AND, unlike most Q&A acts, this one has a blockbuster ending!

These downloads were recorded as part of the Vanishing Inc. Masterclass series offered through VI Monthly. As part of that, there was a Live Zoom Q&A recorded in which guests got to ask Marc a variety of questions about the two lectures (and anything else they wanted to know). This live session was recorded and is also a treasure trove of hidden gems that is included with your purchase.


  1. Thank you so much for this! This is gold!

  2. what about part 2

  3. Hello! Would you be able to put up the rest of these? Thank you and God bless

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