LCD6DL by Yoann.F

Yoann.F - LCD6DL [adwzpzs25nao] - $2.28 :

In this download you will get to learn 6 new doubles. These techniques have the advantage of being very eye-candy and will most certainly seduce your spectators and bring a pinch of modernity to your magic.

The download starts with a reminder of the few requirements that will be necessary for you to have mastered in order to learn these new moves. You will get to rehearse the basics (Pinkie count, pinkie pull down, Stuart Gordon double lift, Natural Break) in a very brief manner and will then be taught the 6 new doubles.

And as a BONUS you will get to learn two “quickies”, a couple of small sequences that you will be able to incorporate in your ambitious card routines : “Damisnap” and “Ambistart”.

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