Joseph B. has published many effect on Penguin which are almost self working, but he is also a slight of hand guy. Joseph B worked as a poker dealer and has been dealing with how to create game cheating systems for a long time. This is the second volume on false Deals dedicated to the Bottom Deal. You can learn many Variations and Application. Here below you can find the table of contents.

Note : This volume is dedicated to the Bottom deal. In the next volume the center deal, the Greek deal and the Injog deal.

Bottom Deal- Push off
– The Grip
– The Buckle
– The Take
– The Knuckle flash
– How to cover BD
– Marlo Inner Take
– Strike bottom deal

Variations and Applications
– Bottom deal The pitch
– Straddle Grip
– Straddle Grip with Faro shuffle
– Third finger take
– Third finger take while holding a cigar (or a cigarette)
– Bottom Deal Exchange
– Allan Ackerman Bottom Deal
– Bomb Door ( Marlo )
– Jennings Bottom Deal
– Stud style Bottom Deal
– Flick Change Bottom Deal
– One Hand Bottom Deal
– One Hand Bottom (Marlo Ace of Spades trick)
-One Hand forward

Detailed explanation
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