Joker’s Heist by Tyler Scott

Joker’s Heist is a project consisting of seven methods taught all based around one principle. It has over an hour of tutorial footage. The project has three variations on the main plot, an impromtu version, Joker’s Heist Triumph, Joker’s Heist Forgery, and Joker’s Heist Clairvoyance.

Variation #1- Bare bones structure of Joker’s Heist. Joker cards are taken out of play and a spectator selects a card which will be the treasure card. The card can be signed and put back into the deck. Another card is selected to be a dummy weight for the Joker’s to switch with the treasure card later. The Joker cards are brought back into play and sandwhich the dummy weight in between

them. The Joker sandwhich is placed into the spectators hands. With a magical snap of the fingers, the treasure card is no sandwhiched in between the Jokers and the dummy weight has magically returned the deck.

Variation #2- Tyler’s personal favorite way of performing Joker’s Heist. It’s the same plot as Variation #1 but a little bit more difficult due to some extra subtleties that are added. The extra subtleties are worth the extra effort since they make for a more convincing payoff at the end.

Variation #3- A bit of an overkill to run without being chased. Tyler provided this method just in case people wanted an extra idea to play around with.

Joker’s Heist Impromptu- Josh believes this handling is worth the price of Joker’s Heist alone! Two Joker cards are handed out for inspection. A spectator freely selects a card and can sign it if they choose. The card is then placed back into the deck and lost into a shuffle. The deck is handed to the spectator to shuffle if they wish to or they can place the deck of cards back into the box faces down. The two Joker cards are shown front and back quickly and then are placed into the spectators hands. The spectator has the Joker cards face up, opposite the orientation of the cards in the box. With a quick swipe over the box, the Joker cards have stolen the signed selected card and it is now sandwhiched in between the two Jokers!

Joker’s Heist Triumph- Imagine giving your spectator the power to perform Triumph with them doing all the shuffling and handling using the power of the Jokers to help!

Joker’s Heist Forgery- A card is selected and signed. The card is then sandwhiched inbetween two Jokers and placed in the spectators hands. When one of the Joker cards is taken off the signature has mysteriously vanished! But when the Joker card is placed back on and with a magical snap, the Joker cards can magically forge the spectators signature back onto the card!

Joker’s Heist Clairvoyance- Many people might make the mistake of confusing this with Asi Wind’s Double Exposure. That would completely take away from the power of Joker’s Heist Clairvoyance however. A card is selected and signed and put back into the deck. A fan of cards is made and the spectator holds the fan to where they can visibly see all the cards facing them including their signed card. Their cell phone is borrowed and a picture is taken to show them what the magician can see to find their selected card. When they open up their picture gallery there is their selected card that they were looking at the entire time opposed to every other card facing the opposite direction!

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