John Carey LIVE

“John Carey is on a mission to eliminate the unnecessary. This absence of clutter results in 
magic that is direct, powerful and simple to perform.” – Ryan Schlutz.

“I’m always very excited to see what John has up his sleeve. Practical, working material at its 
finest!” – Jason Dean

“Carey is a master at consistently creating deviously simple card effects. Can’t wait for his 
newest Penguin Live lecture.” – John Guastaferro 

John Carey is known for his uncanny ability to apply subtlety and subterfuge to effect 
magical moments of the highest order! No knuckle busters or pipe dreams. These are real 
workers!” – Jack Carpenter

“John Carey has the ability to create hard hitting commercial magic While stripping back on the unnecessary sleights. Trust me his lecture is one you want to watch!” – Peter Nardi, Managing Director Alakazam Magic

What will he teach?

Flurryyyyyy! John’s homage to the masters of coin magic in this action packed one coin
routine. A perfect visual ice breaker!

Copper Silver Brass Across A squeaky clean coins across with 3 different coins. Strong and

Hooked on You John’s streamlined approach to a Larry Jennings coin effect where coins
are magically hung into the air and vanish completely!

Observation?! A beautiful opening production of the Aces using a fantastic Charlie Miller

Ambitious all the way! Carey’s streamlined ambitious card routine using the Aces. A
beautifully progressive routine with a knockout finale! Worker!!!

Snapshot  An ultra clean translocation of 3 signed cards with no palming!

A Sandwich Trilogy John’s three phase sandwich routine builds beautifully to a knockout
finale. You will love the elegant construction here.

Invisi Card Want a fun and interactive commercial worker? Look no further as Carey weaves
his spell with his version of a Brother John Hamman Classic. Imagination and reality combine to
create one helluvah effect!

An Open or Closed Prediction A super streamlined approach to a Paul Curry classic.

One Deck Do as I Do A favorite performance piece of Carey’s for many years, this effect will
make your spectator the star! Impromptu and totally practical!

If We Could Turn Back Time A beautiful and very easy to do card miracle built around the
premise of time travel. Another worker!

Homage to Jennings John’s tribute to the late Larry Jennings. His version of the ambitious
classic effect. So simple, but oh so strong.

Streamlined Pocket Interchange Jack Carpenter said there’s so little work involved here it
should be made illegal!

They Call Me the Seeker John’s friend Ed Oschmann very graciously gave him permission
to perform and share this beautiful and elegant approach to the slow motion searchers effect,
invented by Jennings and inspired by Fisher. A great closer.

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