John Archer LIVE

“His reputation in the magic world is among the very best. Hysterically funny, I’d recommend him unreservedly.” – Derren Brown, TV Magician and Psychological Illusionist

“You could put John Archer anywhere and he would kill an audience.” – Penn Jillette, Penn & Teller

“John Archer will blow your mind. He is the Funniest man I know. Seeing him perform is guaranteed to be one of the best experiences of your life!” – Dynamo, Magician Impossible

“Powerful and incredibly entertaining. 5 Stars.” – Edinbourough News

“Strong magic and great comedy seldom come in the same package. If Eric Morecambe – with an added touch of Les Dawson – had been born a magician, he would have been John Archer.” – John Fisher, Former Head of Entertainment -Thames Television

“John Archer is so funny that it takes you a while to realise that he’s also an outstandingly original and innovative magician. He is the outstanding magical entertainer of his generation.” – Geoffrey Durham, Magician and TV personality 

“John Archer is charming, disarming and easy to like.” – The Scotsman, Edinburgh Festival

“John Archer is the exception to the myriad of foul-mouthed, offensive contemporaries. Eschewing political satire and sexist smut, he makes his mark with more traditional throwaway gags, a smidgen of music and teasingly inventive magic tricks.” – The List, Edinburgh Festival

What will he teach?

Pushing the Envelope A clean billet idea using just one billet and one envelope.

Blank Night John’s clean Bank Night routine that fooled Penn & Teller.

John’s Tossed Out Deck Routine A solid funny routine with a versatile move for other effects.

Laura Buxton Coincidence A coincidence effect with cute story attached.

Komedy Killer John’s comedy take on Kenton Knepper’s wonderful effect.

John will also cover comedy scripting and writing tips…

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