Jason Ladanye – Top Shelf Notes

Top - Shelf Notes - Jason Ladanye

If you already have Confident Deceptions, you’ll know what to expect. These notes include five powerful and practical effects that hit hard.

Game Changer: A simple game played between you and your spectator. You end up winning the game in an unbelievable way!

Lucky Charms: A folded card shown at the beginning of the effect (that stays in view the entire time) turns out to be the spectators signed selection.

Nick of Time: Find 8 cards in 60 seconds. One of the most powerful and suspenseful effects you’ll ever perform.

Standing Out: A powerful anytime / anywhere effect showcasing flourishes and your ability to locate any four of a kind.

A Numbers Game: Ladanye reinvented ACAAN and gave the effect purpose! Now the effect showcases your ability to cheat in a card game at a level your audience won’t believe!

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