Gossip by Craig Petty

Gossip by Craig Petty (5519) - Dynamite Magic Shop

GOSSIP is a brand new effect from the working repertoire of Craig Petty.

Craig created GOSSIP almost twelve years ago and since then it has been part of his close up set and everyday carry!

Gossip is more than just a mind reading effect, it’s an innocent looking utility tool designed to fit in to your wallet as a totally self-contained piece of mind reading.

Imagine showing your spectators a torn page from a glossy magazine. The double sided page has ten lists, each with ten A-List celebrity names. Your spectators choose one of the celebrities (they

tell no one, nothing is written down etc) yet you can read their mind and tell them exactly who they are thinking of!

As well as the custom designed props you also receive an in-depth tutorial video where Craig Petty not only teaches his brilliant close up Baby Gag routine (Props included) but Peter Nardi also teaches his take on the effect which works great for larger audiences and is perfect to perform over Zoom!

GOSSIP will fit perfectly in to any wallet and is a sure fire winner that you will carry with you at all times!

Easy to do, hard hitting and performable in any situation!

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