Gkaps – Miguel Angel Gea, from House

Coin magic has always had a reputation for being difficult. Decreasing technique while maintaining a potent effect is the goal of this small study. And for this, we will review 15 different versions. Powerful and very easy to perform:

Meeting of coins under a Card
Transposition between two coins.

Travel under a spread of letters.
Two-coin trip under a card case.
Coin travel between cards.
Transformation of silver into copper.
Wild with no technique
Disappearance of coins on a folded paper.
Through a handkerchief three times.
Through a glass.
Trip to the okito box.
And four versions of the police coin

The video, broadcast from home, has been previously recorded due to the COVID situation, but there will be a live broadcast, in an conversation between Dani DaOrtiz and Miguel Angel Gea, about this work, giving way to the emision of this work.

Next November 29, at 8pm (Madrid, Spain), Live connection with Dani DaOrtiz & Miguel Angel Gea, and later, this incredible work.

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  1. El archivo esta fallado, se corta a los 59 minutos, y se supone que es de casi una hora y media!

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